Construction of houses from laft
by the Norwegian technology

WE ACCEPT ORDERS FOR  manufacturing and construction of

INDIVIDUAL HOUSES  and baths from the laft

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Briefly about us

Manufacture and construction of houses from laft - this is our profile!
With us you can easily find all the necessary timber and sawn goods
for construction and finishing work.

Advantages of laft houses

With full meeting of the requirements
for manufacture and installation technologies
our houses will serve the master for long
Only dry materials are
used for manufacture.
The shrinkage of the house is minimal.
Houses are made by hand.
They have a natural beauty and
are highly decorative.
The walls and corners keep warm very well.
Wood is an environmentally friendly
natural construction material.
The house «breathes» - letting
the fresh air in. It works like a thermos
– it slowly cools down and warms
up quickly
, perfectly keeps warmth
in winter and is cool in summer.
The corners of the house are made by
the technology «The Norwegian lock». This ensures
the most tight and a draft free corner
Manufacture and installation
technologies allow to immediately
proceed to a further finishing
There is no need to wait a year
or more for the
drying shrinkage of the house and walls.
Walls of houses are planed.
Wall elements and corners
are fit tightly with no slots at all..

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Reasons to choose us
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  • Reasonable prices

    The prices for all our services meet
    a high product quality

  • Compliance with delivery dates

    We always adhere
    to the agreed terms

  • Flexible system of discounts

    Depending on the order volume
    we can offer you
    discounts as appropriate

  • We have our own team

    The team perfectly knows the work and has 15 
    years of expertise

  • We use only

    Environmentally pure materials,
    so you can be sure that as all
    our products are of good quality

  • Qualified specialists

    Installation and other work are
    at the highest level

  • We produce sawn goods

    On request, we provide a wide
    range of services relating to our houses

  • Individual projects

    In addition to ready-made projects, we offer
    construction of houses by your projects

This is how we work
Step by step

1 step

You leave your application

on- line or by phone

Send a request
2 step

We introduce you to the technology of production

on our production base site or on a finished object

3 step

Negotiate a project

and a complete set of a house

4 step

We develop a design of your house

and project documentation with reference to your site location

5 step

We make  and sign a contract

and define the terms of manufacturing

6 step

You pay 30%  of the total cost

only before the commencement of work

7 step

We manufacture your house 

set as finally agreed by the contract

8 step

You visit a manufacture site 

for quality control 

9 step

You pay 30-70% of the total cost

according to the schedule agreed in the contract

10 step

We deliver a set of a house to the installation site, 

and make installation

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