About Company

Our enterprise was found in 1996. We have been dealing with wood processing since 1999. We started with the production of palette board, sawn goods for construction sites. In 2002 we began manufacturing handmade log houses. Since then we have produced a large number of various houses of different size ranging 10-500 square meters. For production of our goods we use techniques, knowledge and experience of house builders from Norway. Our staff has a special training in some countries abroad. A long time we worked with the Norwegian company "Norsk laftebygg". We export our products to Denmark, Norway, France, Spain, Latvia, Estonia,Czech Republic. At the present time we also produce wooden houses for customers from Norway and from the Czech Republic. Besides, we also produce garden furniture and small forms. You can meet our products in the catalogue in the Chapter “Production”. Presently our production assortment and industrial sites are being enlarged and we are searching for a new market.

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