Do you give a warrantee for a house or a bath?

We give the warrantee to products of our manufacture according to acting legislation of the Republic..

Ecology of a wooden house?

Wood is ecologically pure building material. The house from wood breathes, it lets in the fresh air ..

How is the delivery of the house to the construction site made?

Trucks (wagons) with semi-trailers 13.5 m long will be needed for the house delivery. We load int..

How long does it take to manufacture a house?

It takes about 1.5 months to manufacture a house with the area of 100м2. The term of mounting of ..

What is the right time for timber felling? Is it possible to use the summer timber for house manufacturing?

Since 2002 we have sent to Norway about 60 houses. Manufacturing of houses took place under a consta..

Is it possible to visit a work site of the enterprise?

We recommend our potential customers come to visit us, to get acquainted with us, with our working t..

What insulation do you apply between the rows?

We use jute cloth. Jute is more close to wood by its properties and it is not a subject to rotting u..

What is the Norwegian lock?

The Norwegian lock is a method for connection of two logs. It differs from common cupping by complex..

What is the shrinkage value in your products?

When designing our houses we consider the shrinkage value to be up to 5 %. In the course of manuf..

What kinds of works do you perform?

We project, manufacture and mount the basic complete set of the wooden house. We work with the ..

What materials do you use?

Pine is the most perfect construction material. It is known long ago that the best logs are made out..

What other products does the company produce?

Baths, arbors, exclusive furniture from the massif according to the Norwegian drawings, joiner's..

What roofing would you recommend?

You can cover your house with any roofing covering. Everything depends on your taste and possibiliti..

What type of foundation is necessary?

Because the wooden house has the weight considerably smaller than houses from other materials, for i..

What wood do you use for manufacturing of houses?

For manufacturing of our product, we use pine. For slags manufacture (round secondary roof beam..

What works and in what consequence would you recommend to undertake?

For a start it is necessary to have a site for construction with all due documents and permissions i..

What works should be done immediately after the house is mounted?

The roof cover should be mounted immediately to prevent deposition setting. Then the walls should be..

What color coating compositions the walls of the house should be covered with?

This also depends on your preferences and possibilities. There are lots of such compositions in the ..

Whether it is possible to see your finished products in order to evaluate the quality of your work?

We have built a number of objects in Belarus (Minsk, Brest, Grodno,Vitebsk regions), Norway, Sweden,..

The differences of our houses from the wooden houses made by other technologies?

In the market, there is a large number of houses made by various technologies. A customer can choose..

Why do we manufacture houses by manual cutting and not made of squared timber or of machine processed wood?

Manufacturing of the hand- cut house is possible to compare with the work of a sculptor. These are p..

Whether you perform mounting of your products, and what is necessary for this?

Sure, we perform mounting of the houses manufactured by us. For mounting of your house it is nece..

Стоимость ваших изделий? На сайте её нет. ..

What does the complete set of the house that you manufacture include?

A complete set ready for shipment includes: walls made of laft, rafters, slags (secondary rafter ..

What is a laft? What is the thickness of walls that you make of the laft?

A laft is a two edged cant beam. The laft is obtained by cutting a round log from two sides. Hous..

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