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Wooden houses

Wooden houses


The mansard guest house & bath "Brodok" has a total area 155.5 м2 (the ground floor 113.52 м2 + the second floor 37.3 м2). The house has been designed, manufactured and mounted near Minsk in January, 2011. ..


The house "Mariampol" was built at the end of 2015 in the village of Mariampol in the Gorodok district of the Vitebsk region. The house has a ground floor and a small attic floor above the first floor bedrooms. There is..

Alliance 2

Living house «Alliance 2» has two floor. Useful area of the first floor 81m2, terrace 14 m2. Useful area of the second floor 81m2, balcony 14 m2. Manufacturing from, hand-made bars (laft) (160mm, 200mm), prof..


Dwelling house “Askersund” 2 storeyed house. 1 floor 107,1 m2, 2nd. floor 79,5 m2. A house is made from the laft of 200 mm and built in Sweden. ..

Baku 1

Two-storeyed original house BAKU 1 has a total area 395м2 (the ground floor 277.2м2 + the second floor 117.8м2). The house has been designed manufactured and mounted in Baku in 2011. ..

Baranovichi 1

Two-storey house "Baranovichi 1" was built in Baranavichy in 2015. It has two floors. The first floor 121.3 m2, the second floor area of 96.5 m2. The total area of 217.8 m2. ..

Braslav 2

Dwelling house “Braslav 2” 2 storeyed house. 1 floor 353,4 m2, 2nd. floor 173 m2. House makes from laft 220mm. ..


House "Cherlenka" built in Grodno region in 2014. Total floor area 152 m2. ..


Dwelling house «Domachevo» 2 storeyed house. 1 floor 103,7 m2, 2nd floor 65,1 m2, terrace 20 m2 . ..

House "Rakov 2019"


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